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I'm Andrew Thomas

I'm a multi-hyphenated coach and facilitator. I work with founders, teams and DAOs. I unlock truths that are begging to be seen, lived and shared. 

Coaching - Facilitation - Speaking

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Which stories do you tell yourself?

This work is about getting honest about the stories well tell ourselves. Do we see the truth, or are we still living out the "untruths". 

You are not your startup

You are not your money, followers or audience

You are not what your parents, religion and society told you to be

You are not the false beliefs that have imprisoned you in self-limitation

You are not procrastination, imposter syndrome and "fake it till you make it"

You are free to live your one precious life 

You are the source of your intuition and inner knowing

You are the only validation and permission you need to live as your true self

You are already everything you want to be

You are the art

You already have everything you outsource to external sources and other people

You are the love you want to receive

You have access flow at any time

You know what your purpose is and you can find it and live it

If you are ready to unlearn,  unwind and process your untruths so you can live in the most expansive expression of your truths, reach out. The world needs and deeply craves you and your truth, purpose and impact. 

We need you now more than ever. We need your truths, your gifts, your purpose, your art, your impact. We need all of you. The radiance and the realness. 

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You are the one

Everything you need to become the person you know you can be, to live the life that's begging you to live, and  to tell the stories and share the truths that badly desire to be inside of you right now. No one can give it to you. And they don't need to. You are already it. 

I don’t transform clients...I teach them how to transform themselves


I don’t give people the answers...I teach them how to source the answers on their own


I don’t heal people’s traumas…I teach people to how hold and process their shadowy parts


I don’t give people flow...I teach them how to access it at any time


I don’t tell people what their purpose is...I help them find it from their being


I don’t define a client's true self...I help them remove all the parts that are not them

I don't tell people what to do...I help them access true intuition and inner knowing

This is about empowerment. I don't have anything you don't. I'm just an expert in seeing and removing the things that keep you from accessing all of who you are. I'm an expert in illuminating the dark, bringing visibility to the blind spots and engaging fear in a way that transmutes it into power, love and creativity. I'm in expert in revealing your highest self, while holding the person you are now and highlighting the path to unifying your parts.

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